Author and Activist Twyla Dell Ph.D.

Author and Activist Twyla Dell, PH.D. Challenges Climate Change Sympathizers to Stop Burning Gasoline and Enter the 21st Century

The latest hue and cry rings out again as the Trump administration loosens fuel standards and the environmental community weeps and gnashes its teeth.

Let’s step back and look at the larger picture. We are not driving now and we’re getting along. With a little moderation we can get along just fine without cars. We don’t have to return to old habits of clogging the highways with idling cars while the glaciers melt. Let them have their victory, hollow as it will be when we simply do not trade saving the planet for “dirty driving.” (Like so many other changes large and small, I am repurposing this term to mean driving while blissfully ignorant of leaving a trail of CO2, about a pound per mile.)

There is no reason we can’t have a healing planet as well as clean communication and transportation by wire or, better yet, blue tooth. We have come to the point in technology that we don’t need the car to do business with each other. With a few more evolutionary steps technologically and socially we can step over the car and the oil companies and other vested interests and dictate our own future, or fuelture,™As the case may be.

We have a moment in time when we face two fueltures™:

The first is the one we are familiar with: We all drive—from the dedicated trucker to every last handwringing environmentalist of us, polluting the atmosphere with 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon or about a pound of CO2 per mile. The oil and car companies pretend they can’t do anything about it. It will take 30 years to make the switch. We all accept that trading off a badly damaged planet is all we can do while we “drive dirty.”

That second fuelture™ is the one at our fingertips. The keyboard, the microphone, the camera, the screen. C’mon, this new fuelture™ (get used to the word: it means fuel choice and direction) takes us anywhere we want to go without burning fossil fuel to get there. The way we are discovering we can communicate is going to cause one time-honored institution after another to wobble and keel over sooner or later.

THIS is the future!It is powered by so much less-polluting carbon-spending energy we’re just going to go there and patronize it as the next evolutionary step in getting to a healthy planet. As long as we burn fossil fuel, we are in the 20th century! Please read that again. We are still in the 20th century even though we are 20 years into the 21st.That is so clear. Let’s get out of it. We can literally fire the shot heard ‘round the world and create a world-wide boycott of gasoline-powered engines. We need to let out the well-kept secret of 20 pounds of carbon dioxide leaving our tail pipes for every gallon we burn. Ouch! Dirty driving!

And now that we know that fact, who wants to keep doing it?

We have been given a chance to take advantage of the pause we now have and cross over into the 21st century. We can grasp this evolutionary moment and stop burning gasoline.

If you didn’t know you were leaving behind 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon you do now. Stop it. Tell everyone you know to stop it! Fueling change means changing fuel.

Let’s organize a world boycott. The only way we’re going to get the Paris Agreement to work is to stop whining and create a world action so complete we make an end run around the whole argument and all the carbonized dinosaurs in our path.

Let’s do it. Sign up at my mailing list at We can change the world in a month. The month of March 2020 will already be remembered–among other things–for living without cars. We have the technology, the power and the need!

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